Thursday, 9 May 2013

Turning Seventeen

Seventeen, the year where I will learn to grow up a bit and maybe live a bit more. Seventeen is an awkward year, stuck between 18 and 16, I can't get alcohol but I'm too old to order food from the child's menu. To be honest I was quite happy being 16 for a while, give it another year and I'll be more prepared for my seventeen self. But the time has come, I turned 17 last Friday. 

I used to be excited with growing up, by this age I wanted to have started my own business, designing, sewing and selling stuff to people, it would be a small enterprise but it's a start. At night I lay in bed and I ponder about everything I want to do.....but in the morning it's there, the realization. it sneaks up from under the bed and when i wake up it practically punches me in the face! I have NO TIME, where do you people get it from? I read so many exciting blogs and the activities people get up to, but how do you do it? 

Basically through this whole school year I have had two lists:
  • School stuff- it works in a circle, once you've finished one thing a teacher shoves something else in your face
  • My second life list- I call it my second life list as it is a list of everything I would do if I had time. It is endless as time is endless in my imaginary life. However in reality this list is everything I will attempt to do in the Summer (a six week time scale).  And I probably won't end up doing half the stuff or any of the stuff. 
Sorry Rambling! The biggest thing about becoming seventeen is DRIVING! Live in the UK? Get off the roads. Luckily for other drivers I am unorganized and a bit stupid, I lost my passport so I can't get a provisional licence yet. The only place I have driven is in my Grandmothers drive in a Renault Scenic. My family were very concerned. You see I don't really have a speed range, I have one speed, full throttle! My dad was shouting slow down, brake!... which i did eventually, just before the car entered the nearby river.  

But I guess there's a time for everything, even if it's very limited. If I'm not seventeen now when will I ever be again? xx