Monday, 27 June 2011

Blog Background

Urgh I can't decide on a blog background I'm starting to think that it is impossible to find or make one that looks nice or represents what my blog is all about I need help and quick! It always gets me slightly frustrated.

Friday, 3 June 2011


I hate revision. It's like you work really hard trying to stay awake during lessons, listening to he shit that they go on about, you think you're doing really well but then it all comes and slaps you across the face in one gigantic text book at the end of the year. So I get ready.... pen out, text book, notebook, past papers and think let's get cracking, before you realize that you have no idea where to start.

 I sit in my bed an feel the sunshine on my face, I want to go out and sunbathe or go to the beach. It's so unfair. The sun always comes at the wrong times, come in the summer once in a while okay?

Exams should be spread evenly throughout the year then we might actually have a chance of revising properly.
What is it with schools they just pile all of the work on you in one week and leave you to do nothing for the remainder of the year. Don't you just wish you could get swallowed up from the ground sometimes? Or other times I just look at the first question and think 'when did we learn this?'

Maybe if I become a Gypsy or an adventurer I could just roam around freely. That seems like a great plan.