Saturday, 22 October 2011


I have the worst reputation in my family of managing to let my bedroom get into a right big mess. But what's the big problem?! It's an organised chaos.... I think. My room is a little white and pink (a lot of pink) box room. It's filled with teddies from years ago, books, magazines, clothes, cushions, bags, belts, several pencil cases, jewelry,  a glass frog and of course CRAP!

 I love it when it's clean, for about three days that is, before I start actually living in it instead of acting like I'm staying the night at a hotel. It doesn't feel like my room when it's that clean, the floor should be like an obstacle course. Tip toeing around scissors, bouncing off fluffy toys, skipping through the miniature field of paper and random pieces of plastic, knocking into the side of the draws and then of course the impressive dive onto the bed with just the right amount of force to reach it but not to break the bed. That seems more like my room. 

Of course there are some problems with having a messy bedroom. 
I can't find anything!! I put something down but then the next thing it's gone. It's been absorbed by the mountains of crap on every surface available. But this can be nice when I'm cleaning my room and find something I thought I'd never see again. This brings me to my second point.
You have to clean your room! Even though I'm quite happy in this environment there comes a point when it all gets a bit too much and you realize that if you don't clean it you will one day get lost in the mess yourself. 
Now it seems that the easiest way to clean my room is to just stuff it all under the bed and in the wardrobe. No-one will know. 

I have this picture in my head of what my home would have when I'm older. Awesome patterned vintage chairs, colourful vases, BIG bedroom, ornaments from everywhere, like boot sale's and auctions, hand made decorations, retro lamps, rusted chandeliers in a conservatory, old rugs, unique wallpaper, artwork, computers, tellies. 

But now I'm beginning to realize that it probably won't look like that, well not exactly. The ornaments would be dusty, I'd loose the remotes for the tellies. I love art and fashion so I'd probably be doing something creative (which usually involves being very messy), I'd have paint all over furniture and CRAP! all over the floor. 

But I guess it's something that will never change, it may be mess but it's my beautiful mess.    

What's your habit?  


Graduate Fashion Week class of 2010

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