Thursday, 28 July 2011

The random stuff I love no.2

Ray Bans

Dream Catchers!!!!
Once I start eating them i can't stop
Went to the south of France and saw beautiful buildings which I adore the shutters 
Adrianne Vintage Jewelry
I am obsessed
Urban Outfitters 
Being Abroad
i love being Welsh
Dwi'n Caru bod yn Cymraeg
The Watch I found on E-bay but failed to get :(
Just found this pic funny xx
Love summer nights

Want to do that one day.
Love Dirty Dancing
Takashi Iwasaki

Carey Mulligan
Carey Muilligan
Love the dress

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The White Shirt

This year has been full of vintage style clothing, and I love them! Along with 50's dresses and the beautiful jewelry, blouses and shirts have played a big part in this trend. The white shirt is a fashion classic and a summer essential and the best of all it is suited to all ages.

Along with the 70's look white is essential for this season with lace and embroidery. I love all the styles this season but I think that this one stands out a lot.

So I decided to get a white shirt but unfortunately I could not find one to my expectations (yes i can be picky). The white shirt is simple and classic but I wanted to combine this with a bit of lace and decoration. So I got an usual school shirt which they make you button to the top and wear with a tie which I hate! Luckily our school no longer make us wear these dreadful things and so I no longer needed the shirt.

So I got the shirt and changed it, first I changed the collar, to begin with it was a big pointy collar which I did not like so I cut it shorter so it looked more casual. Then the sleeves I also cut the sleeves and rolled them up so  that they sat at my shoulders, then I sewed it into place. I was left with the bottom of the sleeves which always have buttons so I cut these into an arrow type shape and sewed these onto the shoulders. To finish it off I placed some beautiful ribbon and lace on the pocket and from the shoulders to the collar

       Task complete        

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

This summer I want to....

make stuff. 
Beautiful rooms from Rosie Posie creations 
For a long time now I've simply wanted to just make stuff it's part of what I am, I want to be creative. When I walk into a shop I love what I see but it's not exactly what I want so I think to myself, i'll do it myself.

There's so many ideas just bursting to dive out of my brain. Do you get that sometimes? When you can't wait to do something but there's always something in the way. Well now is the time and since the sun is refusing to show it's face I must find a way to entertain myself before i can go to the beach.

I can't wait to get started on the jewelry, the clothes and the random awesome stuff I plan or happen to find myself doing anyway. xxx