Sunday, 4 August 2013


I've been way too lazy lately and there's too many things to do, I've got to fill up my art book, textiles research and portfolio. But I managed to fill a page in my art book today. A brainstorm on consumer lifestyle for the theme material world 

Monday, 29 July 2013

Inspirations on Pinterest - Vogue on Vogue

Yesterday I did a post on a layered image I made. This was one of the inspirations for that, layer upon layer of vogue magazine covers


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Layering Images on Computer

Today I went on a cycle as I always do, beautiful weather down a cycle path, then it rained. I got drenched, luckily i was wearing black shorts not white. Anyway now that the weather has given up on being so nice to me, fairplay it's been amazing, I've been getting stuck into some creative stuff at home. Been so inspired lately by Pinterest, I love it and I might be getting addicted.

I've seen many great images by photographers and graphic designers using different images layered over each other, like a fashion illustration over a mountainous background. I tried making my own using photoshop (pixlr, haven't bought photoshop). I used vintage fabric from my grandmothers old settee and a photo from a magazine.  

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A new addition


Self portrait for my art project titled Boundaries. Inspired by the artist Jenny Saville 

Hand made jewelery

Recently I have been researching the Bauhaus for my art project. The art movement influenced architecture,graphics,interior also influenced product design this includes fashion.  

Here are  the pendants I made, I admit they're not very good but they were fun to do. I made them from air drying clay, this makes them really light weight and I painted them using nail polish ( I wasn't going to go out and buy proper paint) 

The shapes aren't just random they were inspired by shapes I found from architecture 
A page from my sketch book 

Here I used a picture I took in London and highlighted some shapes 

Monday, 27 May 2013

Some of my Rings

Bracelet Ring Topshop 
Tortoise Ring Miss Selfridge 

My fingers look weird x Vintage Ring 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Applique Pouch

 I was inspired by the applique on Prada's Totes the technique is simple but effective.

So I decided to make my own pouch made in a similar way......

I cut two pieces of white synthetic leather of the same size. Then using white silk I made blooms. The blooms are made by first, cutting an even circle. 

Then using a gather stitch, carefully hand sew around the circle 4mm (0.16in) form the raw edge. 

Draw up the threads to gather the edges of the circle until they're touching the centre

Pass the needle through the centre of the puff and fasten it to the back to finish
From Haynes Sewing Manual 
After making the silk blooms I used embroidery thread to sew them on to the leather. I then attached beads to the centre of the blooms by hand sewing them on, this hid any fraying edges. I used a black satin lining.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Prada Real Fantasies SS13

Prada has used a collage of layers including hand drawn and painted shapes to create imaginary cinematic scenes for the Real Fantasies look-book. I like how some of the photos look like something from the 60's. And I love the clothes, obviously.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Turning Seventeen

Seventeen, the year where I will learn to grow up a bit and maybe live a bit more. Seventeen is an awkward year, stuck between 18 and 16, I can't get alcohol but I'm too old to order food from the child's menu. To be honest I was quite happy being 16 for a while, give it another year and I'll be more prepared for my seventeen self. But the time has come, I turned 17 last Friday. 

I used to be excited with growing up, by this age I wanted to have started my own business, designing, sewing and selling stuff to people, it would be a small enterprise but it's a start. At night I lay in bed and I ponder about everything I want to do.....but in the morning it's there, the realization. it sneaks up from under the bed and when i wake up it practically punches me in the face! I have NO TIME, where do you people get it from? I read so many exciting blogs and the activities people get up to, but how do you do it? 

Basically through this whole school year I have had two lists:
  • School stuff- it works in a circle, once you've finished one thing a teacher shoves something else in your face
  • My second life list- I call it my second life list as it is a list of everything I would do if I had time. It is endless as time is endless in my imaginary life. However in reality this list is everything I will attempt to do in the Summer (a six week time scale).  And I probably won't end up doing half the stuff or any of the stuff. 
Sorry Rambling! The biggest thing about becoming seventeen is DRIVING! Live in the UK? Get off the roads. Luckily for other drivers I am unorganized and a bit stupid, I lost my passport so I can't get a provisional licence yet. The only place I have driven is in my Grandmothers drive in a Renault Scenic. My family were very concerned. You see I don't really have a speed range, I have one speed, full throttle! My dad was shouting slow down, brake!... which i did eventually, just before the car entered the nearby river.  

But I guess there's a time for everything, even if it's very limited. If I'm not seventeen now when will I ever be again? xx


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Blast from the Past

I remember as a young girl spending hours fiddling about on paint, on the computer. But then I got bored, I wanted to use something more sophisticated; Corel Draw, now that was the bomb! I used to make these graphic images, I can't even remember how I did them but at the time I thought they were amazing. I printed them off and put them in a folder. The other day when cleaning up and I found it. They don't look like anything in particular so I just called them abstract.  

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Last night I went to Swansea Marina to take photographs for my art project. Covert and Obscured.I'm focusing on architecture and there were some interesting buildings there. Well they were okay, some reminded me of Bauhaus style buildings. I haven't gone out to take photos in so long, thinking about it i think i should do it more often, make it a regular thing. Bring on the summer when I have more time on my hand, i might post a lot more often then, sorry i don't post much followers (All seven of you). xxxx

Friday, 15 February 2013

Tamina Von Ribaupierre

Tamina von Ribaupierre is a fantastic new designer based in Munich, Germany. This label is passionate about contemporary designs and modern materials, combined with classic elegance to create an ageless and exciting look. High quality materials are used, such as leather, silk, lambswool and cashmere, for occasions and also key pieces to match everyday wear. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


I just love browsing on etsy, wish i could buy everything, here are some favorites of mine....
Trumpet desklamp series StudioMOSSdesign

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Cambridge Satchel Company

IT'S ARRIVED. I've wanted one of these for ages, this is my new 15" Batchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company 

Monday, 4 February 2013

a box of treasures.

I call it a box of treasures but it's probably more a box of crap. But one man's trash is sometimes a girls new necklace charm

This is my favourite piece of  "treasure", it was from my dad's car, it had broken and had a gas like stain on the glass.