Thursday, 23 May 2013

Applique Pouch

 I was inspired by the applique on Prada's Totes the technique is simple but effective.

So I decided to make my own pouch made in a similar way......

I cut two pieces of white synthetic leather of the same size. Then using white silk I made blooms. The blooms are made by first, cutting an even circle. 

Then using a gather stitch, carefully hand sew around the circle 4mm (0.16in) form the raw edge. 

Draw up the threads to gather the edges of the circle until they're touching the centre

Pass the needle through the centre of the puff and fasten it to the back to finish
From Haynes Sewing Manual 
After making the silk blooms I used embroidery thread to sew them on to the leather. I then attached beads to the centre of the blooms by hand sewing them on, this hid any fraying edges. I used a black satin lining.